August 9, 2019
3 months and 28 days since
our celebration.

Dear Jackson, Warren, Bailey Family Members

Welcome from the 2019 JWB Family Reunion Planning Committee! We have been hard at work planning an amazing, fun, family filled weekend for everyone. The 43rd JWB Family Reunion will be hosted Friday August 9th- Sunday, August 11th, 2019. The theme for this year’s reunion is “We Are One, Then Now and Forever.”  For the reunion weekend, the colors we have chosen are RED which signifies love , BLACK which stands for power and strength and WHITE for harmonious unity. We will be taking a family portrait on the day of the banquet and it would be great if we could all wear the reunion colors!!!

We now have a family website that will have all of the reunion information, hotel info, etc.  This website will  serve as our offical means of communications as we plan and coordinate our family gathering.  Please look for updates as we continue planning and preparing for a great weekend with our family. It's our hope that everyone will share pictures, comments, celebrations, businesses, memorials, and etc.

Please go to the "Details of Events" page to see the information regarding the three days of activities that we have planned thus far!! 

We hope to see you all in Chicago in August!

- 2019 Family Reunion Committee

2019 JWB Family Reunion Tshirts (pricing still being negotiated)
2019 JWB Family Reunion Tshirts (pricing still being negotiated)
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